How important is Pag-ibig?

This is not the usual pag ibig that we all know but the PAG IBIG we should know about. Good thing that the HR Team of JIMAC Inc. coordinated with PAG IBIG Fund and held a seminar in JIMAC office last Aug 1, 2917 to discuss the benefits and importance of PAG IBIG services.

The common conception about PAG IBIG fund is to help us and provide affordable housing loans but what we don’t know is that aside from the housing loans, this government agency also offers a wide range of benefits and additional services.

JIMAC employees learned the different services of PAG IBIG fund. First is the higher contribution means higher return and bigger amount of loans. So as you increase your monthly contribution your dividends and loans will also increase. Every member will earn a 6.93% dividend rate per annum. So in 20 years with every JIMAC employees who increased their contribution will also have an increase of 6.93% per year as of 2016.

Another service of PAG IBIG fund is the Multi Purpose loan program that a lot of JIMAC Employees avail. You can get a loan from PAG IBIG with only 10.75% interest rate per annum and has a 24 months repayment period. This program is for members who made at least 24 months contribution. Multi Purpose is not the only loan a member can avail, there’s also the emergency support if ever there’s a calamity through the Calamity Loan Program. PAG IBIG fund offers a financial assistance to its members if there’s a calamity in the area with a 5.95% interest rate per annum which is the lowest in the market.

Pag Ibig fund now offers the lowest ever interest rate for a housing loan. Not only that a housing loan borrower can now avail of multiple housing loans with a maximum of 6 million and is still within the members capacity to pay with only 5.5% interest rate. With this perks JIMAC Employees are now very interested to avail a housing loan.

Not known to pag ibig fund members of JIMAC, Pag Ibig fund is also offering a saving program with higher  investment return. This program is the Modified Pag Ibig or MP2. This certain program peaked the interest of JIMAC employees because  this serves as an additional savings for the Pag Ibig members for a minimum of Php 500.00 share per employee. You can deposit in any Pag Ibig office with no specific date and time. Each members can enjoy their savings plus the dividends of 7.39% per annum that they can withdraw in 5 years.

With PAG IBIG funds wanting to extend their benefits with JIMAC Employees, they introduced the PAG IBIG loyalty card. And since a PAG IBIG representative visited the JIMAC office almost every employee has a PAG IBIG loyalty card where they can enjoy special rewards and discounts to pay for either medicine, food, gasoline and many more.

Thanks to the HR Team and PAG IBIG representative, every JIMAC employees are now knowledgeable about the benefits and services of PAG IBIG and it doesn’t take long before every employees increased their contributions, avail the MP2 and apply for the loyalty card.