Summer is not yet over for JIMAC employees as we experienced one of the most thrilling, gratifying and stress free day out of the office. It’s summer and along with the scorching heat that comes along with the season, we still started our day full of laughter as we headed to one of the most prestigious beach in Laiya Batangas the Paseo Verde.

Of course, it’s not a company outing without fun and games. With a jampacked full of activities, employees are divided into different teams of six (Orange, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green and Purple).

We started with a cheering competition that shows how talented and quirky JIMAC employees are. After the cheering competition, the first game is called “Uphold”. Trust and confidence is needed in this game. Math, counting skills and especially team work is essential in the second game called “Get the Bricks”. The third game is called “Pasta Tower”, communication, teamwork and logic is needed to complete this because uncooked pasta and a tape is used to create a tower. Only the Blue and Orange teams were able to create a tower.

Another game that the HR Team prepared is “Relay the Marble” wherein your patience and teamwork is tested as you roll the marble in a cartolina and hose without touching it. And lastly the “Water Transfer” game will make you run and wet at the same time. These games create better communications, develop team roles, boost confidence and improved teamwork of each employees.

Here in JIMAC, we treat each other as families and this company outing creates a special bonding that is very important as it creates a sense of caring for each other. We truly believed that the heart of a company does not depend on one individual only but with the whole team. Success can be achieved by each and every employee working towards a common goal.

Overall, this is an event to remember and we can’t wait for the next JIMAC Company outing!