Jimac Halloween 2016

Halloween is a holiday marked as something frightening, horrifying and scary but not for the JIMAC employees. Halloween in JIMAC means a whole day of activity for the employees full of fun and games. The whole day activity consist of two activities, the Riddle Mystery and the Halloween Department Design Contest. Employees proved that they’re not only good in solving POS issues from clients but also solving difficult riddles. Another activity of that day shows the creativity of the employees in transforming the different room departments into a spine-chilling area.

Each department was given 1 week to decorate their area and the transformation was jaw dropping. The Admin department changed their room into a cemetery theme while the Finance and Accounting department room became a graveyard. Research and Development Department turned their room into a abandoned hospital and the Product Support Group department think out of the box with their extrajudicial killing theme. And in the end one team stood out and won the contest with their Graveyard to Hell theme and that is the Sales and Marketing team. The Halloween Activity ended with a yummy sweet treats like Chocolates, candies and other sweets served as snacks to satisfy the sweet tooth of every employees.

JIMAC surely knows how to celebrate a spooky holiday and turn it into fang-tastic day. Cannot wait for the next halloween activity!