What’s in trend?

An average of 109 minutes per day to 177 minutes are the time spent by a Filipino using his/her mobile device which makes the Philippines as one of the hottest spots in digital marketing.

Mark Tey the Business Development Director of Sprooki in the Asia Pacific Region gave a lecture on having the most efficient tool in communicating your brand among your target market.

JIMAC’s System Consultant and the affiliates attended a short discussion and even tried to do a sample presentation of Sprooki after the lecture of Mr. Tey to test their selling and listening skills.

Sprooki has been in the industry for a few years with is it 4,500+ clients in stores and mall across Asia. Sprooki is Asia’s leader in mobile engagement and as mobile devices is one of the most used and exposed media among the people day. Sprooki provides a marketing tool to have an efficient tool in communicating with the consumers.

JIMAC in partnership with Sprooki wants to provide a solution for the retailers not only to have the most efficient POS but also to enhance their brand strategies. As the fast pace of the technology nowadays affects the consumer selling activities it is appropriate for JIMAC with Sprooki to offer this marketing strategy to different stores nationwide.