The difference between success and failure is a great team

No matter how talented, smart and dedicated the employees are, the success of a group depends on the ability of the member to work together.

The Research and Development department decided to organize an activity that builds and strengthens the relationship of the employees. Young and Old personnel of JIMAC Inc. participated in different activities; their endurance, intellect and communication were tested.

Relationship of the employees were established with the help of different activities such as Back to back drawing, Build a skyscraper, save the egg and the sinking ship. JIMAC Henyo gives an extra humor to the activities with words such as Deadline, Puting buhok and walis tingting. Of course as Filipinos any activity can’t be finished without an exquisite menu prepared by the RnD team in the form of Boodle Fight.

Like John Donne expressed in his Poem, “No man is an Island”