Create a unique functionality

Productive in every way

For retail businesses

Locally Developed

Easy Management

With efficient, secure and inventory features.


Reports can be viewed easily at a glance.

Ordering in the palm of your hands

Order anywhere within the store vicinity.


Powerful Security

User-level controlled access keeps information available to specific users that need them.

Easy to Use

Transactions are effortless with its user friendly interface.

Open Architecture

Supports Linux OS with seamless integration and upgradability.


Track your business growth with a variety of reports available for market analysis.

Inventory Tracking

Get faster access to your inventory levels to allow for seamless replenishment of goods.

Online Access

Access your sales and inventory reports anytime and anywhere through cloud subscription.

Back Office

A tool to maintain items, generate reports and view sales analysis.

Tablet Ordering

Space saver and portable.

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