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Dia Self-Ordering System

Social Distancing and Contactless Transaction is the new normal in this trying times, everyone needs to adapt to the changes brought by this pandemic.

With an automated Ordering Kiosk- DIA Self Ordering System, your guest can order at their own pace and build their meals the way they want without asking the need for help.

As your workers and servers don’t need to concentrate on taking orders, they’ll be free to improve speed of service and deliver great guest experience. By making ordering easier and freeing up time for employees to focus on other tasks, a fast food Kiosk system can improve your operations dramatically. Kiosks can be deployed in any setting from fast casual to quick service and can also offer restaurants of all kinds unmatched flexibility.

What is Dia?

A self-service kiosk acts as a self-ordering POS system. Customers place and pay for their own orders at kiosks. This enables totally contactless frictionless service and social distancing. Customers enjoy the opportunity to buy with no waiting and no delay.

Guests can order and pay at their convenience building the way they want it.

Customizable branding and menu display
Easy-to-use interface
Intuitive customer journey and flow

Automatic display of prices for add-ons or combos as the system can suggest additional items which the guest may also be interested in
Seamless integration with JIMAC Point of Sale Solutions
Payment flexibility supporting Debit, Credit, Cash and GCash
Detailed reporting to better understand customer preferences

Why Dia?

The use of self-service kiosks in restaurants is becoming more common across the globe. Restaurants adapt to the new on and self service ordering kiosk which can be be placed or mounted practically anywhere offers a platform for success

Faster service and reduced customer wait times
Guests can easily order further items by revisiting the kiosk

Increased efficiency and targeted more upselling
Improved order accuracy
Easier data capture and loyalty enrollment
Operational efficiency redeploying labor to where it is needed more


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