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JIMAC Incorporated - POS Philippines

We are committed in supporting and aiding efficient consumer response strategies and aligned our business goals with
this initiative; wherein members of the different industry collaborate to reduce supply chain inefficiencies, and
promote best practices in areas like continuous replenishment, efficient assortment,  and strategic market planning.
Our solutions are, above all, client driven. Building rapport with clients helps us assess their issues and needs.
Through this close relationship, we are able to develop a point-of-sale solution that effectively address their concerns
and help facilitate productive data management.


Our Vision
We are a proud Filipino software company dedicated to providing affordable, fully integrated, industry-specific
business management solutions. Our objective is focused on equipping our Clients with tools they need to
optimize sales, inventory and labor productivity through a user-friendly POS solution.
Our Mission
To provide our Clients with the best possible, affordable and fully integrated POS management solution
with efficient customer care service.
There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to business.That is why we primarily value interaction with our
clients to obtain better analysis of necessary solutions to employ and maximize their operations as precedent to
planning and execution. This is done through a highly scalable architecture that meets customer demands with
highest transaction volumes. A highly dependable customer service network backs up our commitment to serve
businesses with reliability.
This is made possible with our 14/7 customer hotline and support team located in key points in
Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. JIMAC support provides a fast and efficient assessment, implementation
and support system and services for unhindered productivity and increased total customer satisfaction.


JIMAC applications are future proof. It is designed around an open architecture and is platform independent.
Our solution supports Linux Operating System with seamless integration and upgradability. In addition to these,
through our cross platform feature various accounting or computing solutions can be integrated.
JIMAC systems have been proven versatile for different level POS users through our user friendly design feature.

TS Ceres
for Fast Food

for Retail type

for Fine Dining

for Pharmacy type