JIMAC Incorporated

Bring your drop-off laundry service to the next level with our Wazr Laundry POS Solution

Jimac Inc being the pioneer of providing Point of Sale solutions for businesses in different industries is adding another quality system that can help the laundry industry run their businesses more efficiently.

Serve your customers better and bring your drop-off laundry service to the next level. Take your laundry / dry cleaning business to the modern age.

What Wazr Laundry POS has to offer

Introducing our Wazr Laundry POS Solution – powered by RDMS, is a user friendly software with a space saver setup specifically designed for laundry businesses to help keep them up with the pace. It gives you the clarity, visibility and control you need to grow your business. Saves you time and money by streamlining POS, inventory management, customer experience and more.

Why Wazr?

Wazr offer these quality of life solutions for laundry businesses.

Our POS is easy to use with its intuitive user interface paired with touchscreen capabilities.
Reports are digitized and you won’t have to worry about tallying your data manually.
With its sleek and compact design, you won’t think it’s a POS.
Wazr POS can work offline. You’ll be needing an internet connection to access Viber reports.
Efficient inventory system to keep track of your items and improve your operations.
Run your business without a problem knowing that your reports and data are secured.
Viber Reports:
Send reports through Viber anytime and anywhere.
Ways to Pay:
Various payment options are available from straight cash payment and accounts receivable.

Wazr Laundry POS Package

Our package offers the complete set at an affordable price. Inclusions of both hardware and software with FREE support warranty, training and monitoring are what you’ll receive upon availing.

Wazr POS

POS Software
• Cashiering
• POS Reading
• Cashier Accountability
• Department Sales
• Item Sales
• Back Reading
• Unpaid AR
• Paid AR
• X Reading
• End of Day
• Electronic Journal

File Maintenance
• Item Maintenance
• Bundle Maintenance
• Receiving
• Stock Adjustment
• Inventory Status
• User Maintenance

Our newest

Viber Reports
This allows you to keep an eye on your laundromat’s sales even while you’re away. You can receive sales report thru Viber anytime and anywhere.

Run reports and monitor your sales remotely!

How to Avail? Just email us at salesandmarketing@jimac-inc.com or inquire through our Inquire page. Don’t get left behind and take your competitive advantage from this new normal!