JIMAC Incorporated

It’s POSsible in the New Normal

Over the past month, we’ve witnessed the impact a public health crisis like COVID-19 can have on every business. As we recently launched our PROJECT OK campaign, an alternative plan designed for food and retail businesses to be prepared for the the New Normal. Jimac Inc. and its partners has been successful in helping business rise and thrive from this Pandemic.

As we want to make a difference and remain committed in providing solutions to the industry, we’d like to help businesses navigate this New Normal with up-to-date and relevant information.

We create new possibilities in this new normal through our newest offer – It’s POSsible package which can surely help business streamline their operation while saving a lot of cost. It’s possible is a combination of our POS Package with Project OK and Delivery

Jimac’s POS System package consists of a POS hardware and software, which can be customized based on your store operation requirements. It comes with FREE demonstration, implementation and 1 year support and warranty. Specs recommended are based from what best suited for your business together with a complete set of AiO (All in One) POS, receipt printer and other peripherals.

How can businesses save cost with this package? First, you are privileged to receive our PROJECT OK for FREE upon availing this package. Beside having a POS package for your business operation, you’ll have a multi-channel ordering platforms options. You can have your shared Order Center and an Agent to cater your store orders. Another feature is uploading your menu at the Ordering Online App. And last but not the least, you can have your own Ordering Kiosk App too. The kiosks can be installed not just in your store premises, but also to places your customers can easily reach.

Project OK provides you a multi-channel ordering platforms, then you have your POS. All that’s missing is a delivery service. Delivery is the norm nowadays for almost every businesses. We have our own Delivery Service especially if you don’t have the manpower or you’re cost cutting for your business operation. Our Delivery Service can be availed together with the POS Package and Project OK on a FIXED commission rate.

Through It’s POSsible package, Jimac Inc. and its Affiliates aims to bring all the efforts together which can surely help you manage your business through uncertain times ahead and keep your staff and customers safe.

Technology that reduces contact and speeds transactions will be a key part of a businesses recovery toolkit.

For more information about It’s POSsible Package, email us at salesandmarketing@jimac-inc.com or inquire through our website.