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COVID-19 Philippines: PROJECT OK to support Retail and Food Industry rise and thrive from the NEW NORMAL

Over the past month, we’ve witnessed the impact a public health crisis like COVID-19 can have on every business, no exceptions be it in retail or food industry. The virus has completely transformed life as we know it,  From shopping to eating out for a dinner, any semblance of interacting in public setting now has a newfound sense of anxiety alongside of it. The fear of falling ill will linger in the minds of the customers whenver they visit your store, creating a need for new innovative business practices that allow your business to operate profitably as business slowly returns.

In order to establish a firm foundation for recovery, businesses must also adapt to the societal effects of COVID-19. They must also brace for substantial changes resulting from recommended social distancing-especially for food and retail industry. But how can they move forward with this in mind?

Why did we do this?

Commited in providing solutions. Because uncertainty is top of people’s mind in this trying times, people are looking for information they can trust. This is even more evident when it comes to accessible and available store options nearby. “Take out” and “Delivery” search interest has increased since the start of ECQ.  Filipinos also now prefer to order online throguh their smartphones as this lessen physical contact and people can do it anytime and anywhere. Being there to help people navigate this new normal with up-to-date and relevant information can make all the difference. And this is what PROJECT OK is all about.

As Jimac Inc remains committed as ever in providing solutions to the industry, we are introducing PROJECT OK, an alternative plan designed for food and retail business to to be prepared for the New Normal.

Through this Jimac’s latest platform, we’re providing “System as a Service” made to help our clients to better streamline their operations and allow them to reach more customers and vice versa through the following options:

With Project OK, we aim to help all retail and food business, especially small businesses to adapt to the new normal by having a multi-channel ordering platform on a “pay as you use” basis.

Also, without any hardware investment and no initial cashout, we believe  this  project will help our client to easily gain more income, and bounce back from this pandemic.

Through this multi-channel ordering platforms, stores will directly receive their customer orders via Viber/Sms or Store System Printed Receipt.

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